Heat Treatments

We are specialize in provide electric heat treatments and gas heat treatments

Gas heat treatments

Sapphire heat treatment service we provide by using oxygen and LP gas standard technique that improves the clarity and enhances the color of sapphires. Most of the sapphires are found in lighter colors or geuda,silky ottu form. These types of sapphire after heating up to 1500 C to 1800C in different time conditions can improves the color and the clarity Most people prefer the darker color saturation and improved clarity and brilliance of a heat treated stone over the pale pastel color of the average rough sapphire. We specialize in heat treating sapphires from Sri lankan s Africa.

Electric heat treatments

After doing the gas heat treatment most of the sapphires still have the iron titanium and color patches, by doing the electric heat treatment in a lower temperature with longer time these patches and iron titanium can be spared over the stone and turn in to a sparkle luster to the stone. These process take few weeks.