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Crown Gems

Where Sri Lanka's Finest Gemstones await you to Discover..

Crown Gems is a premier destination for a carefully curated selection of one of the Earth’s most exquisite treasures — Gems. Offering a range of high-quality and ethically sourced loose gemstones online, our collection includes sapphires, rubies and a wide range of other gemstones.

Sourced with the utmost care from the depths of Sri Lanka’s gem-rich landscapes, each stone we share tells a story as old as time. Dealing directly at the source, we guarantee the integrity of the supply chain with the most competitive prices catering to both retail and wholesale clients.

All our stones come from the local mines that we own or via our trusted network of local mine owners as we promote responsible luxury. Our team of experts oversees every facet of the supply process, ensuring full traceability to the origins of the gems. With a small-scale mining, cutting, and dealing operation, we take pride in the impact we have made in the local communities in the area, creating many employment and other commercial opportunities.

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Commitment to Sustainable Practices

Our responsibility goes beyond our sourcing practices as we understand our duty to give back to nature, people and communities, which is why

– We are committed to eco-friendly mining practices to ensure our operation causes the least disturbance to the environment.

– We support charity and community projects in Sri Lanka to assist financially challenged children with their education, health and wellbeing.

– We compensate our staff with a share of our earnings to ensure that our proceeds are spread to all levels of our operation.

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Our directors

Stuart Pool

Stuart is a specialist in responsibly mined and fully traceable coloured gemstones, mainly sourced directly from mines in Sri Lanka and Tanzania. He runs gem trading companies Nineteen48 (, and Crown Gems(, as well as being one of the co-founders of Fair Luxury (, a group focused on positive change in the jewellery industry through the promotion of responsible sourcing. He is also a key member of the Moyo Gemstones project (

Stuart works very closely with local mine owners to provide a mine-to-market service, from extracting the rough gem material and the cutting and polishing of gemstones, right up to the marketing and sale of gems to the end customer. The emphasis throughout the supply chain is on maximum transparency and fair rewards for everyone involved.

Stuart supports charitable projects in both Sri Lanka and the UK and he is also committed to educating the widest possible audience about the issues within the jewellery sector. He is supportive of many initiatives and programmes within the industry which are trying to improve conditions and benefits for those involved in all stages of the supply chains for diamonds, precious metals and gemstones.

Our directors

Janaka Abayawickrama

Janaka is an experienced gem trader and gemmologist, with an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the gemstone industry in Sri Lanka.
Janaka runs Nineteen48’s partner company, Crown Gems, which operates our mine near Ratnapura and cutting workshop just outside Colombo. He directly oversees our mining and cutting teams on a daily basis.
He is also responsible for our local sales operations in Sri Lanka, as well as dealing with many of our international customers and developing our local network of miners, mine owners and gem cutters, which he has been carefully building for more than a decade.